Mar 4, 2012


It was the hottest day in August and we were heading for the sea. The light, it's not over yet as we've got the months of May and June in a bottle on the shelf. In its pink to peach hues, it sits waiting for the warm red to subside. Ahead of yourself but behind time, lost in an image and what it might mean. It speaks on behalf of itself, on behalf of its subjects. It tells you things you're not sure you should know. A bunch of freshly minted stars, Lost in Crystal Canyons they were. Misplaced, they stood with an eye of the tiger and a step too soon. Disappearing into its kaleidoscope we drove too fast with the music too loud. You put your arms around me.

Jens Lekman You Put Your Arms Around Me
Mirage & Russh Magazines

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