Mar 1, 2012


'I actually feel like people like to make fun of people who are obsessed with fashion and clothes...It's an expression of one's self. When you wake up in the morning, what do you choose to make you happy? If putting on a cropped shearling coat makes Rachel happy then you know, you gotta put on the cropped shearling coat.' -Kate Hudson's words from The Rachel Zoe Project- don't judge.

This got me thinking. I too find people who are obsessed with fashion to be amusing. Even though I may be one of them, I don't consider myself to be in that deep. That's right I'm taking the high road here´- flat out denial. A lot of people think fashion is about narcissism and vanity and it's a damn shame. The overtly commercially-driven scene is where mode looses it's soul. It's a circus out there and it's nauseating. The art is being lost in this drive to sell. The pool has been tainted.

Magazine's are growing thinner in content, thicker with ads and heavier in product placement. All the while Bloggers write knee-deep in commercials and celebrities make appearances to endorse brands. So blatantly obvious it makes me wonder if they think it goes unnoticed. But put simply, if you're paid to do it, say it or sell it then all trust is lost, all bets are over and the gig is up my friend. There's nothing left to say, well nothing of note anyway. Can't we go back to being honest and broke?

Despite all this I still hold the flag for fashion, in all it's commercial stench because I know it is more than its glossy covers would have us believe. At heart it's something we all contribute to when the question, What am I going to wear today? is asked. It is a part of the cultural fabric of our society. The choices made standing at our wardrobe each morning are what see us make fashion something that concerns us all. It's not so much a choice of participation but a question of how far you want to go. It can be the ultimate fantasy turned into reality, given half the chance.

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