Apr 23, 2012


Lift and tone. Reduce and sculpt. Don't PLAY the game. It's not dignified. This is, you are THE GAME-changer. Tell them to look elsewhere. Have some humility ya' POSER you. WE WANT women of ACTION. WE WANT THEM to wear electric blue Lycra and be next to BARE. WE WANT to see heels and BIKES, silk and CAPS, shearling and SPORTSWEAR. Throw it on. GO for a run. 

Apr 22, 2012


This time. It wasn't. It didn't. It couldn't. Work. Who said? Sadness is a lot to bear. Pack, shift and shelter. Lie low. Let bitterness sit and let it settle. Take it. Relearn. Remember. It's okay. We're just kids. Time will expand. Blunda. Close them. Stop seeing what you saw- it's gone. But there's more. Go under, let the salt sting. Wait. Listen for the crash. Water, it makes a mess. Don't forget to wash your hair. It's Saturday- turn it up. This world was built for two. Stop falling- you'll find it underfoot. Pace it out. Shake it off. I'm coming to see you. 

Lana Del Ray 'Video Games'

Apr 15, 2012



A book is much more than the paper, ink and glue it's made of. Its materials are merely a hold-fast, its over-arching purpose to communicate. Printed on blank sheets it carries the voice of its time. It's content holds history in the illustrations, photographs and words. It describes the fashion of an era- what was of interest, what was important, what people wanted to know more about. They exist as a legacy. Lined up on the shelf or stacked in pile - immortalised, woven and bound. To be collected, cherished and passed to the next generation. 

Carine Roitfeld Irreverent & I'm With The Band by Pamela Des Barres is on order and yet to be acquired is The Beautiful People's Beauty Book by Luciana Pignatelli.

Apr 6, 2012


Girls in shirts are impossibly cool. All nonchalance in their cotton cuts. Without the interference of underwire and straps it sits cuffed, sleeved and collared. Covering the curves yet somehow enhancing femininity. She's the kind of girl who likes to hang out with the boys. A quintessential tomboy. She gets their humour and can mess with the best. Not the kind you'd expect to draw the eye of a man despite the fact that she's no plain Jane. But they do want her though she's unaware of her appeal. Empowered by the androgynous cut- a girl can be a woman in a shirt.

Apr 3, 2012


I saw you first. I saw you through your work. Inexperienced and naive. Reserved and exposed. When it was just a hobby you picked up in some lobby. I saw white space and black lines. You have something. It can't be manufactured. You can't be taught. I saw movement in a paragraph. It moved. The images fell through the words. Gone. They disappeared. There's no context without image and no meaning without text. Collaboration is seamless in theory. What's mine is yours and yours is mine. But when the work is done we'll see what we become. There will be nothing more to find. Are we the fortunate ones?

The Droge and Summers Blend 'Two of the Lucky Ones'
Cindy Lauper 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'