May 31, 2012


Well, hello. Didn't see you there. Viewers are consumers. You look too comfortable, it's unsettling. All those cheap thrillers and erotic magazines. They must think they'll get more out of you that way. Still working on our pagination over here. It's a burden, but I cope. It's hard having fun. Even harder making it. Let's call ourselves les Mardistes. We're fabulous and that warrants the use of French. High culture exploration of text and spacing disguised as low culture pulp fiction. Sensitively in context. Not too much to ask, really. Let me run it through my filter. All I see is black and white print, undyed roots and three metres deep in blue. Who needs a blow wave anyway. You've got something on your face. Freshen up and come dance with me. Let it come out of the landscape. I like to keep some things to myself though I couldn't say why.

Lay down in clean sheets. You really are the exception. Fitting and appropriate. Back burn that heat. Bring it down slowly. I can't have you any more. I thought you should know. You don't move me any more. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I don't get it. Abstraction for the sake of being abstract. Self-indulgence is out of fashion. Fini. Färdiga. Finito. At least for now. They say it's grown grotesque. I'm just waiting for my queue, even the 'e' has to wait for the 'u'. Twice. But you know there ain't nobody that can sing like me. And when I grow up I'll go to L.A. Yes little girly, you'll go to L.A.

'Here' Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros 
'Shake it out' Florence and the Machine
'Way over yonder in the minor key' Billy Bragg & Wilco

May 26, 2012


If I traded it all, if I gave it all away for one thing. Wouldn't that be something. Nothing gained and nothing lost. You're here but I've noticed it can't be replaced. I know that now. It took me this long. A channel for something so crucial is what you hope to find. Pump it out. How does it feel to be a commodity- you put your name on it. Chased out of your rabbit hole. Take the time, the process is your process. You must be out of your mind. You wake with a start. And I know those lips, I've seen them before. Numbness washes over, all white. Life can under whelm you that way. Precious metals set in moulds. If I could have my misspent youth, I'd be born in Paris. Nice digs, you've got a target on your back. Send us a postcard if you ever get there. The abyss. It's great but don't fall. You can't just go 'round sayin' stuff because it's pretty. When it's good it's good and when it's bad it's shit. She was the lake and stars. They said she was almost too voluptuous, as in, normal. In our context, by our standards. The one you want is not here. They're not all like you, if you are who you say you are. And anyway, the only girl I ever loved was Andrew in drag.

'One thing' Finger Eleven
'Andrew In Drag' & 'You must be out of your mind' Magnetic Fields

May 19, 2012


Seeking out the human experience. I want to feel it all. Let me be in pain, let it hurt. Come out of the comfort. Step out, smell the rain beat down on the concrete. Feel its sting on your skin. Raw, cut and dry, the bare basics of this world. Let me feel the fear, the real empathy. Don't shelter me. I know nothing of this hardship. Down and out. Blue, through and through. I've got my best jeans on. But logic can't solve this. You haven't felt. You can't have because you haven't lived. What good is education without experience? People work for nothing you know. You're one of the people yet you run like you're from money. I'm no more foolish than the next. You silly people, you perform so well. Take frivolity as your companion. She'd be happy to have you. 

I wish it was the summer of '94 when we stood by the gate and watched the storms come thick and fast. It restored the rightful blue of the pool and discharged the air. Things were simple. But the stuff stored in the walls has followed me here. And I'm no where close. That chasm is still gaping and the new spring light will surely have an effect.

Strange creature you are, going wandering, and all by yourself. Hot as a pistol, clear as a bell. You're alright- it's just another hopeless Wednesday. But surely if you wanted honey, you'd just buy honey and not apricots. Bite down hard- you've been put on artist watch. And still your face won't crack. It's visceral. What is going on? Don't ask me, I'm no more informed than the next. But I will tell you I'm not afraid to say too much. You're just a fashion image. Couldn't you at least try to make it cinematic?


May 13, 2012


I can be whatever you want me to be. Magnetic and unhinged. The first of her kind. Ravenous. Work now and live later. The first to move. Stroke to the horizon. Lucid pearly whites. Bodies with minds to match. Catapulted- stay close and hang on. The burden of perfection is weighted and predisposed. Give trust without knowing. You feel too much. So delicate, so fine your intuition. You fall so hard. It changes things. It stops things, you're sensitivity is a hindrance. Complexities and smoke screens. What's real and what is not real- you question perspective. It's haphazard. You get overlooked. Pick your moment because that moment is it. Don't forget this is business. It's not about you. Objectify yourself. What exactly can you do and what exactly does that make you good at? The hunted becomes the hunter. In two minds. Don't mess with the underdog. What do they say- that being somebody doesn't make you somebody? Emote and hope for a response. They will never throw you away. When you meet people you never know if they'll disappoint. And there is something honest in that.

'Shadow Lines' LARA KANTARDJIAN with Helmut Newton's Polaroids #1