May 19, 2012


Seeking out the human experience. I want to feel it all. Let me be in pain, let it hurt. Come out of the comfort. Step out, smell the rain beat down on the concrete. Feel its sting on your skin. Raw, cut and dry, the bare basics of this world. Let me feel the fear, the real empathy. Don't shelter me. I know nothing of this hardship. Down and out. Blue, through and through. I've got my best jeans on. But logic can't solve this. You haven't felt. You can't have because you haven't lived. What good is education without experience? People work for nothing you know. You're one of the people yet you run like you're from money. I'm no more foolish than the next. You silly people, you perform so well. Take frivolity as your companion. She'd be happy to have you. 

I wish it was the summer of '94 when we stood by the gate and watched the storms come thick and fast. It restored the rightful blue of the pool and discharged the air. Things were simple. But the stuff stored in the walls has followed me here. And I'm no where close. That chasm is still gaping and the new spring light will surely have an effect.

Strange creature you are, going wandering, and all by yourself. Hot as a pistol, clear as a bell. You're alright- it's just another hopeless Wednesday. But surely if you wanted honey, you'd just buy honey and not apricots. Bite down hard- you've been put on artist watch. And still your face won't crack. It's visceral. What is going on? Don't ask me, I'm no more informed than the next. But I will tell you I'm not afraid to say too much. You're just a fashion image. Couldn't you at least try to make it cinematic?


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