May 26, 2012


If I traded it all, if I gave it all away for one thing. Wouldn't that be something. Nothing gained and nothing lost. You're here but I've noticed it can't be replaced. I know that now. It took me this long. A channel for something so crucial is what you hope to find. Pump it out. How does it feel to be a commodity- you put your name on it. Chased out of your rabbit hole. Take the time, the process is your process. You must be out of your mind. You wake with a start. And I know those lips, I've seen them before. Numbness washes over, all white. Life can under whelm you that way. Precious metals set in moulds. If I could have my misspent youth, I'd be born in Paris. Nice digs, you've got a target on your back. Send us a postcard if you ever get there. The abyss. It's great but don't fall. You can't just go 'round sayin' stuff because it's pretty. When it's good it's good and when it's bad it's shit. She was the lake and stars. They said she was almost too voluptuous, as in, normal. In our context, by our standards. The one you want is not here. They're not all like you, if you are who you say you are. And anyway, the only girl I ever loved was Andrew in drag.

'One thing' Finger Eleven
'Andrew In Drag' & 'You must be out of your mind' Magnetic Fields

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