May 13, 2012


I can be whatever you want me to be. Magnetic and unhinged. The first of her kind. Ravenous. Work now and live later. The first to move. Stroke to the horizon. Lucid pearly whites. Bodies with minds to match. Catapulted- stay close and hang on. The burden of perfection is weighted and predisposed. Give trust without knowing. You feel too much. So delicate, so fine your intuition. You fall so hard. It changes things. It stops things, you're sensitivity is a hindrance. Complexities and smoke screens. What's real and what is not real- you question perspective. It's haphazard. You get overlooked. Pick your moment because that moment is it. Don't forget this is business. It's not about you. Objectify yourself. What exactly can you do and what exactly does that make you good at? The hunted becomes the hunter. In two minds. Don't mess with the underdog. What do they say- that being somebody doesn't make you somebody? Emote and hope for a response. They will never throw you away. When you meet people you never know if they'll disappoint. And there is something honest in that.

'Shadow Lines' LARA KANTARDJIAN with Helmut Newton's Polaroids #1

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