Jun 6, 2012


That's what happens when you get old and ugly. You buy your own birthday cake. Yes, but you're not ugly. You're my modern day Jerry Hall, Michelle Phillips, my Kate Moss, Christy Turlington and my Charlotte Rampling. My Marianne Faithful, Claudia Schiffer, Jane Birkin and my Miss Pamela. British, French and or German, take your pick. A timeless watch with an acidic tongue. You can't lie, too honest for your own good. You don't smoke, you can't drink though you try. And you do stupid things. You're not entirely functional but then everybody wants a certain love.

All legs, hair and furrowed brows. Salt of the earth, you like jewels. Full of contradiction. There's much to say and with so few words to draw from. Though you're never without thought. Skin of jasmine and musk. I don't attempt to own you, you can't be attained. You need free reign. Sail on silver girl. You're all growed up, so do a self portrait, Veruschka style. Painted in your suit across desert plains. Africa will never bore you. Some new things for your fiction. Brief elaborations laced in references. A candid moment with the girl next door.

'Going Home' Leonard Cohen
Self Service
Vogue 1977

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