Jun 18, 2012


It's supposed to be summer but it's not hot yet. The weather is always talked about but I would say Swedes have become accustomed to being disappointed. I'm not quite there yet and it's still a surprise when seasons don't act accordingly. From next weekend after Midsommar, the days are going to gradually get shorter and darker. And it feels like the summer hasn't even begun. There's still time for it to come good but the chance of an absent summer has people fleeing for sun.

For a while now I've been thinking about the things that bind us together. The things that make us human. A shared experience is something that does that. And I think collective hardship is a big one. When we collectively feel like we're suffering it bonds us. Things can become so desperate and sad that it becomes funny. Our own lonesome situations can cross that line between down-and-out and deliriously-clear-headed when shared. If you can find the stupidity in the desperation. Just when you think you might be alone in your woes, you find you're one of many feeling and thinking a similar thing. Living in the same world with the same realities. And there's nothing more to say or do about it, when you're doing what you have to do. It is the way it is- ridiculous. Money is just money. It comes and it goes. When the sun hits your face, things will look up- you will look up.

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