Jun 9, 2012


It's been a near century. My time piece is lost. Where have you been? Making art no doubt, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Making a life in the metropolitan. And making movement in its tension. Darling, you've got a ring now. A love with a promise. A promise without a ring is still a promise. But a ring is a diamond. A ring is a band of gold. What's felt is known, it can be seen and held. We're yet to meet. But you're hand is heavy now, weighted by it's scribing. There's nothing left to translate. Come August and you can bet I'll be there to see it. You're best plan yet.

It's construction is not so complicated. Come as you are, it comes from the gut. You and me we're going to have fun. Little Bellbird. So elegant and brave. From the same place, put in different terrain. Surrounded by other sights and exposed to different realities. Just close enough to be far. It seemed a right scandal to be separated. A complete riot. But girls, they will always dress up. They'll find a way. Not in your interest but for theirs.

Vogue circa 1970
Christy Turlington by Ellen von Unwerth as Jean Seberg
Helmut Newton 

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