Jun 13, 2012


There's a lot to be said about taste. It's an institution. Let it play out. Babbling scatterbrain. Sprawling mess. Hours to fill with nothing to do but twiddle your thumbs. A popcorn dinner. Is that butter on top? The answer isn't always a pretty one. We're all about health now. And Vogue ask, does health mean swim suits? If it's all been done before then let's do it again. There's something wrong with that image. What made the front page- anything substantial? We must be subscribers. It's just prose, not poetry. It's all temporary and sad, as in aging ballerina sad. It's in motion. The excess of 90's runway. It's in the bag. But there's no such thing as perfection. It's the price you pay for a refuge to flee. Such surprising tenderness. Someone somewhere has already heard this.

Smudged lipstick interferes with your look. I live in a dream when I make up. I really take my time. Don't frown, you'll get wrinkles. And what's to say I don't want my wrinkles. No one will have them like I have them. I represent the individual. She cut her teeth on those roles. So egger to become something. Just don't expect anything from anyone ok. You'll be better off. Soap and water. Let's just hope for the best, shall we. That should be enough. Distil what's put before you. What do you make of this, pop culture historian? I like a good product, I like a good everything. Put them to market. What's in your fridge? A meat pack, Giselle's behind and Chanel codes, but they're all scrambled. Pity. Pack it up and move it out. Back in the day, back when people were interested in what they were doing. In a cultural climate more conducive to creation. They say we're young and we don't know. Let's test that theory.

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