Jul 9, 2012


Well never mind, we are ugly but we have the music. I gave her up for the waves of sound. You'd be damned to be one of us girl. Figures in space. Burgundy and reflective glass. You're a Californian utopian. And yet it's here. The solace of a dream state. Let's go walkabout. Personalization requires transparency. Can you sacrifice that much. Looking for something in a bucket. You've got mail here. Are you watching the time. You're at the finish line after all these years. It starts to shape us. We've decided you write well, you're in. Acquiring the sensibility of truth. Writing the unreadable. We are locked in loops. You see this behaviour. Pragmatic chaos and culture statistics. It's a question but is anyone expecting an answer. What we're looking at is the physics of culture. It went a-rye. How far can you take that, the quality of speed. Where the wires come up into the city. It's what the money motivates. We're having a debate here. It's a crowded house where a lost voice is a near tragedy. What the world needs now. Our lives are the sums of our memories. Pay attention. Appreciate the quality of the light. Laboriously furnishing our minds to fundamental capacity. Topic by topic. It means it has a place. In spatial and visual memory. A portal to the big machine. I don't have access to it. Unforgettable images. Great memories are learned. Deeply engaged, we remember. Force a depth of process from ourselves. It's how stuff is made memorable. Such a spectical. Why don't you dream a good dream.

'For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her' Simon and Garfunkel 
'Australia' The Shins
'Chelsea Hotel #2' Leonard Cohen

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