Aug 12, 2012


We're going to walk there, in the dirt. I follow rivers, deep sea baby. I follow you. Looking for the constellation. Everything you could possibly want and none of it means a thing. Easy living, it makes you vulnerable. Be on guard. Nothing is set in place. How very short sighted of you. It's too late. Misguided yes, but not a victim, no. Slap that brave face on. Go out there and rely on the moment. The big gloss. Stop buying things you know will never really be yours. Possession is a temporary thing. There is social stigma so why don't we believe just in case. As creatures we're all cousins. Mutation is instant. Back where we came from. No rhyme or reason, in my boots, as it were. On this side of the decision. Don't hang your head. Diamonds are cut for the carat. With the devil on your back. Shake it out. Why don't we get a little closer. Bohemian rhapsody. It's too fantastical, we don't need it. We want it. OH, to be a Missoni. Prestige in a print, it runs through the vein. Please let me get what I want this time. It's the best we've seen, so it must be the best there is. 

'Charlie Boy' The Lumineers
'Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want' The Smiths
'I Follow Rivers' Lykke Li
'Shake it out' Florence and the Machines 

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