Aug 6, 2012


The human experience. Happiness- what makes you happy? There is a very real possibility that we've got it wrong. That what it means to be happy has been confused with the pursuit and projection of success. Work is called work for a reason and surely there's more to it than that. What are the odds that our busyness is guised as something else. That this state of mania is not necessary and that good work can be done without it. Doing more than yesterday and more than the person next to you. Perhaps as a whole we think it makes us more important. And things may be against us. We are growing in numbers and competition is not, not an option. Contentment is for retirement, to be put aside until tomorrow. For the weaker, less ambitious man. It's not valued and whose fault is that? Let's perpetuate our busyness. Let's do everything quickly and tell each other just how busy we are. What's the rush, where are we all going to in such a hurry? We're not even on our own team. 

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"The 'Busy' Trap" by Tim Kreider for NYTimes

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