Sep 28, 2012


A foreigner in a foreign land. It's not always easy to live in another country. Even if it seems like the culture is in parallel to your own. It isn't the same and I think that it's bound to have an effect. There are days where you can operate as normal and it's barely noticeable, and then there are those where you feel barricaded. Maybe this barrier exists only in theory but it's real enough. Adapt or die, and you adapt. Over time the city, it's people and their culture evolve you. The exposure to the realities of another world, a different reality is humbling. And you remain changed.

It's not always apparent as it's not always present- sometimes being from somewhere else can be an advantage, making life that much more interesting. Though more often than not it complicates things. If you live with it for a while, if you sit with it and if you're open to it, the subtly of the situation is noticeable. Simple interactions become complicated and simple errands, a mission. There is a fear it creates. It puts you in a place that exasperates the human condition. It cages you, stripping you of your independent state of mind. And you realise, this is not your home. Most of your memories are elsewhere. Maybe new ones can be made here, maybe they already have been. It is not altogether familiar to you. You are not the salt of this earth. And you do your best.

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