Sep 22, 2012


And now I read it. I say it, I try and I sing it. So I looked at the scenery, she read her magazine. And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder. But I'm not asking for a storm. I ain't done nothin' since I woke up today. Every morning keeps returning to my window. I'm very good with plants but that was a long time ago. To believe in this living is a hard way to go. How can you have nothing to say. I'm a god damn coward but then so are you. The lions roar. And when it gets cold outside, we watch it all go down. I can only guess what's coming next by examining your timid smile. Everything will turn out right. Freedom run away with me. In the arms of mothers, another child that's grown old. Tell me something real. We smoked the last one an hour ago and it took me four hours to hitch hike from Saginaw. We slept like dogs and it rang true inside these bones. I think there's one in my raincoat. And it brings me to you. All gone to look for America.

I know places we can go. I never liked a sad look from someone who wants to be loved by you. Too proud, you're a drifter. The face in the ceiling, with arms too long. Be the ocean, where I unravel. Dark room honey. I follow you. I knew I was out of luck the day the music died. All you sitting in high places, I don't need no money. I smell sex and candy. Words like violence come crashing into my little world. Come on get down, make a mess. So far from home. Take a bow. Can't you hear me 'cause I'm screamin'. And a voice that came from you and me. The church bells all were broken. It could only be seen in the eyes of the blind. In the middle of the night. I knew I was searching for something. When I grow up I want to live by the sea. Train roll on. Please take me far, far away. Tuesday's gone with the wind. I wrote you a song. Here I am, tell me I'm your national anthem. And I saw, and behold a white horse. Listen to the words long written down. Listen to the wind blow. I can still hear you saying, you would never break the chain. Now time will come and claim you. You made me move. Now I'm the runner.

First Aid Kit, Old Crow Medicine Show, Simon & Garfunkel, The Rembrandts, The Hooters, Don McClean, Billy Joel, Depeche Mode, Ben Howard, Counting Crows, The Lumineers, Stealers Wheel, Lana Del Ray, Johnny Cash, Fleetwood Mac, Lykke Li, Marcy Playground, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Pierre Toussaint

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