Nov 18, 2012


Just like that. They come and go. Were they even here I'm not sure. There's a shadow of their presence. The space empty. You get used to the company. Such a long time but in the same token, gone in such a short time. And I wonder if that's how you really feel. Knee deep in your book, I wonder if you know reality any more. Where are your companions? Are you living in the dark I wonder. Try stoking the fire. Yes that might work. Pry it open. Let it spill out and shatter under the shift. This is for Matilda. And she needs you. What if her name was Kate. Would that do I wonder. Isn't it beautiful. For ever ago. Your mother's only one. You'll be holding all the tickets. All rocky cliffs and leafy greens. Some day. One day. But not today. 

alt-J 'Matilda'
Bon Iver