Dec 20, 2012


That face. Beauty too wild and fair. A preface of what's coming. All bustling and unexpected but not exclusive to the discerning eye. It's as clear as day. There's nothing you can see that isn't shown. The kind of beauty that pierces and mesmerises. It's the kind that pulls focus and holds you captive. I believe we're all like that, wanting to be older and then wanting to be younger. Tears appear in the fine cloth and you're below ground.

Freedom is on the other side, where the blue meets blue. Where the technicolour water shadows, vivid and uncertain. Let's go get high. There's a better view from up there. Chose your last words. Run with instinct and let's get out of here. You and me. Let's run as fast as the wind will take us. Abandoning the city lights for wide open spaces. How far do you think we can get? Well pretty soon we'll be star gazing. 

The Beatles 'Love Is All You Need'
Kate Moss by Corinne Day 
The Blue Lagoon
Ana Regina Nogueira / Sao Paulo 1980
Lana Del Rey

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