Mar 24, 2013


We found ourselves in a stretch of separation spanning countries and years. She flew in from Tel Aviv, tinier than I remember, one of my nearest and dearest. We used to live in each other's pockets. A need for fun and a last minute decision led to an anticipation that eventually broke into a run, hug and sob. Still a Beatles fan, it went a little something like this...

Underneath the blue suburban skies, it's in my ears and in my eyes. We lived beneath the waves. And the band begins to play. It looks as though they're here to stay. I believe in yesterday. It came suddenly. Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun. When I was younger so much younger than today. You were only waiting for this moment to arrive. Look around. I've seen that road before. The clouds will be a daisy chain. Images of broken light, sounds of laughter. I'm going to Strawberry Fields, it calls me on.

The Gentlewoman
The Beatles 

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