Mar 14, 2013


What exactly is it about Kate Moss? Kate is a good name and I think perhaps that's where it starts. Keith Richards once said of Moss, "For a bad girl, she's always been very well behaved." There's no one else like her and there probably won't be anyone else like her again. I have a fierce loyalty of Kate, someone I don't know and someone I know next to nothing about. This loyalty of mine most recently won out when choosing to buy the Kate Moss cover of LOVE magazine over Cara Delevingne cover. Just a small example. 

Some may say she's done but there's just no replacing Moss. And despite withholding interviews throughout her career, it feels like I do in fact know her. I suppose we all feel like that when you see an image of her. It's so intimate you might assume that you do. Her silence and refusal to explain allowed us to create our own story. If you missed it, like I did, this Vanity Fair article gives a rare insight into the elusive Moss. It's worth every one of the six page read. 

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