May 26, 2013


So I've been told people don't read magazines any more and even less buy them. Call me old fashioned but I still do. I'm part of Generation Y, a late 80's baby, and yet to me magazine's are precious, collectable and to be counted as art. I don't know what I'd do if they stopped producing them all together - what will I buy if I can no longer buy into the fantasy? It goes like this, the most pristine copies are hand-picked and carefully carried to the counter of the store, the cashier asks if you want a bag, you say yes and hold your breath as they proceed to somewhat carelessly put your prised pieces into a carry-all plastic number.You manage to resist a sneak peak on the train ride home and settle in for the night for a good read, with the best of company and good wine.

There's nothing better than adding it to the stack by your night stand or on the coffee table. People often excitedly reach for them when they come over, usually women. If it's not that they dislike a magazine read or a flip then is it about the money - why pay for something when you can get online for free - or is it just that it's outdated? No longer a relevant media, it's a saturated market, too slow, publishing's dead and blah blah blah. Heard it all before. Though despite it's flailing reputation, I just had a fresh top-up of British and Paris Vogue (the latter mainly for the images and I say mainly because sometimes I translate it). The stuff that's out at the moment is fresh offering a much needed injection of inspiration. Vogue is often referred to as The Bible, and I think that maybe, just maybe it might be.

Vogue Spain, Vogue Paris
Cy Twomby