Jun 30, 2013


As everyone is winding down for their summer holiday, I feel that I too am winding down. Though it's all in vain since, I'm not taking time off until December when we will visit Australia again. Well, that's not entirely true...we will also take a short break in Italy this September for a dear friend's' wedding. No complaints here. There is a certain 'avslappnad' or relaxed mood that a quieter, more sunny city puts you in. I'm in the suburbs at the moment, house sitting for my parents-in-law and it's so peaceful and so pretty. I bought my first summer book on Friday in preparation for the couple of weeks we'll spend here. "I am Charlotte Simmons" by Tom Wolfe, which evidently comes highly recommended by Eddie Campbell, and that's good enough for me. What should be next on my booklist?

Jun 23, 2013


Friday was Midsommar spent with old and new friends, the garden, music, food and wine...

Terri Brooks, "Linear" 2009
Ellsworth Kelly 
Bridget Bardot & bunny 

Jun 9, 2013


As part of my birthday celebrations, I went to Fotografiska yesterday to see the Helmut Newton exhibition. He was so prolific it's hard to pick a favourite, or even a bunch of favourites. Some say he objectified women, other's say his work was deeply complex and Newton himself said, "I am a pornographer". It's hard to really say what he was or did, seeing as everyone has such differing opinions, but I love whatever it was and I think that it empowered women. 

There were famous quotes put up across the walls of the gallery, this was one of them which I think is particularly true and often forgotten.

"The perfect fashion photo, doesn't look like a fashion photo, but more like a film still, or a portrait or a keepsake photo - somehow like anything but a fashion photo." 

Jun 2, 2013


And so suddenly we're in June. It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm working all day. Such is life when you grow up. Even though we're going out on the weekend, you've got to do something fun on the day, otherwise  the whole getting older thing, toppled by the lack of celebration is like a big crater. I notice each passing year has a subtle competition with the last, asking the question, are you in a better position than you were? It's a milestone used for comparison and it's a trick because there's always more to want.

Sometimes, I think the smallest of treats are the best. Extravagance on a birthday can feel forced. It's all too much, it's expected and you feel yourself going through the motions because you're supposed to.To be spontaneous is possibly the best there is. Tomorrow I have a big gap in my day, so depending on the weather, maybe I'll go for a stroll on the streets and see if I can't find something pretty to buy. And I will definitely buy a good coffee, but then again, I do that everyday.

Ellsworth Kelly
Ali Michael Anew magazine SS13 'Deep Lonely' By Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello
Design Sponge