Jun 2, 2013


And so suddenly we're in June. It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm working all day. Such is life when you grow up. Even though we're going out on the weekend, you've got to do something fun on the day, otherwise  the whole getting older thing, toppled by the lack of celebration is like a big crater. I notice each passing year has a subtle competition with the last, asking the question, are you in a better position than you were? It's a milestone used for comparison and it's a trick because there's always more to want.

Sometimes, I think the smallest of treats are the best. Extravagance on a birthday can feel forced. It's all too much, it's expected and you feel yourself going through the motions because you're supposed to.To be spontaneous is possibly the best there is. Tomorrow I have a big gap in my day, so depending on the weather, maybe I'll go for a stroll on the streets and see if I can't find something pretty to buy. And I will definitely buy a good coffee, but then again, I do that everyday.

Ellsworth Kelly
Ali Michael Anew magazine SS13 'Deep Lonely' By Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello
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