Nov 24, 2013


Move, it's the only way and it's just the beginning. 

Paris Vogue
Decade Diary

Nov 17, 2013


Sitting at a café, hair tucked under sweater, observing, waiting for things to change. Wearing the same clothes, your uniform of sorts, you will them to and then wonder why. People rush past, their energy falls on numbness, boring into eyelids half open. Absorbed, you imagine painting without really knowing how, running down to the riptide and being taken away to the dark side. To appease the senses you think up notes of Elderberry, Peach and Plum; Peony, Violet and Leather; Rum, Labdanum, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Moss. A state of lovely melancholic nothing, this is November.

Lucien Smith, Coffee and Cigarettes Table for Two
Bast magazine, Eva L by Gitte Post
Lina Scheynius
Vance Joy, Riptide
Byredo Parfum

Nov 10, 2013


Sage. Moss. Seafoam. Pistachio. Mint. Cabbage white. The home - our most intimate space. Return to nature.

Rika magazine, Kelsey Van Mook by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen
Rene Ricard