Dec 8, 2013


We're about to leave Stockholm for Australia and that means planning, packing and last minute to do lists. What to pack and what to wear is going to be one of them. It appears Joan Didion is having a moment. Some of my favourite sites wrote about her this week and I feel, why not jump on board. Apparently Joan had a foolproof list of things to pack when she was travelling back in her reporting days, which I'm only just learning about now. Better late than never I suppose but I'll admit I was almost excited to realise that I share a love of list-making with Joan, because well, she's a great writer so then I must be a great writer too, right? Yep that's exactly how it works - a girl can dream. 

Travelling light with just the right amount of everything is not something I've ever been able to do. It's the goal yes, but it's never happened. There's this state of mind I seem to fall into where the question, "What if?" does the rounds and eventually influences what stays and goes. More things usually end up going. You would think that lists are based on fact, and I'd say Joan's probably was, but generally I think list-making is a trait of the idealist. Packing lists require a certain amount of reality, as in you need to pack what you have, so this year I might actually end up packing light, by default, since my wardrobe is now suited to the northern hemisphere. Though as Hannah said, the excitement of planning is what it's all about. I might read one of Joan's books over the holidays...a summer reading list is the next list on my list.

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