Feb 21, 2014


Dreaming of this (Tulum, Santorini, Corsica...you name it) while looking at the Shashi bracelets and white Birkenstocks I want for summer. I asked a client who works in fashion as a trend forecaster/writer/designer what the colour trends for spring/summer would be and she said white is the main one, blush tones and all blues preferably with a green undertone. Apparently the ocean is a big inspiration, even more than usual, so it's safe to say this coming season will agree with me then. Almost every room in our apartment has blue in some form...it's beginning to be a problem. 

Romy Schneider sunbathing, ca.1960

Feb 16, 2014



"Dressing well is a kind of good manners, if you ask me. When you're standing in a room, your effect is the same as a chair's effect, or a sculpture's. You're part of someone's view, you're part of that world, and so you should dress well, I find it's a show of respect to try to put on your best face and look as good as you can." - Tom Ford

Dagmar's Basic Instinct Collection

Feb 14, 2014


Renovate. Remove. Redo. Refresh. I can't wait to fix up our apartment, again. It's all consuming and I'm itching to get it done. In the beginning you buy stuff just to fill it, without much direction and you don't really know what you want, then you move, the space changes and what you have no longer really works. Everything has to evolve only now it's more about what will outlast trends and my changing tastes (ahem...) and what you can actually live with is important too. I've been sourcing one-off antiques which has turned out to be more like a blood-sport and resisted impulse buys in a bid to find colours that create the right mood...There needs to be more than one note in a room, again it's about the tension, I want to feel something back.

Tales of Endearment

Feb 13, 2014


It's that time of year again, that and my puppy Harry's birthday.

Andrew Birkin
Mary Ellen Bartley


My time is my own.

Feb 8, 2014


It's a rainy Friday afternoon, starting to get dark and all I want to do is curl up on the couch with my Porter magazine. I love 'The Edit' and now they have a print version packed full of content, and I do mean actual editorial content, not ads. It seems the need for real magazines is finally being met with recent new-comers and I think Porter- with all its features and eye candy - is an eclectic mix, and mark my words you will be informed. It's not Gentlewoman but hey, I'm on board and so far liking this Porter woman.

This quote from Alber Elbaz stayed with me because I often strive for perfection but then when something is perfect I just can't stand it, I have to mess it up.

"Perfect is the end. Perfection is what scares me. When you see photos of those perfect ladies, you realize it is as far away from perfect as you can imagine. Perfect people, perfect scenarios, perfect moments, perfect clothes, for me, are boring. I like imperfections; I like the tension."

Porter magazine by Net-a-Porter