Feb 8, 2014


It's a rainy Friday afternoon, starting to get dark and all I want to do is curl up on the couch with my Porter magazine. I love 'The Edit' and now they have a print version packed full of content, and I do mean actual editorial content, not ads. It seems the need for real magazines is finally being met with recent new-comers and I think Porter- with all its features and eye candy - is an eclectic mix, and mark my words you will be informed. It's not Gentlewoman but hey, I'm on board and so far liking this Porter woman.

This quote from Alber Elbaz stayed with me because I often strive for perfection but then when something is perfect I just can't stand it, I have to mess it up.

"Perfect is the end. Perfection is what scares me. When you see photos of those perfect ladies, you realize it is as far away from perfect as you can imagine. Perfect people, perfect scenarios, perfect moments, perfect clothes, for me, are boring. I like imperfections; I like the tension."

Porter magazine by Net-a-Porter

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