Feb 14, 2014


Renovate. Remove. Redo. Refresh. I can't wait to fix up our apartment, again. It's all consuming and I'm itching to get it done. In the beginning you buy stuff just to fill it, without much direction and you don't really know what you want, then you move, the space changes and what you have no longer really works. Everything has to evolve only now it's more about what will outlast trends and my changing tastes (ahem...) and what you can actually live with is important too. I've been sourcing one-off antiques which has turned out to be more like a blood-sport and resisted impulse buys in a bid to find colours that create the right mood...There needs to be more than one note in a room, again it's about the tension, I want to feel something back.

Tales of Endearment

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