Apr 21, 2014


A Chloé girl through and through - give me linen, crepe, lace and silk any and everyday of the week. It's time to start thinking more about the spring wardrobe since today was a sweltering seventeen degrees...ok so maybe not sweltering but it was warm, and the Cherry Blossom's were out too.

Apr 20, 2014


Went to the markets Thursday after work to pick up some flowers for the Easter long weekend. I ended up getting red anemones, white and orange ranunculus - going to buy some tulips later on today. Also bought the Byredo Bibliotheque candle which smells so good even without having lit it. Wanting to visit florists Scarlet & Violet in London...and thinking about when the lily of the valley will come out again.

Apr 13, 2014


Thinking of buying some new shoes, like these, in green maybe.

Apr 9, 2014


Lately I've been wanting to go to the desert but right now, I'd settle for a cactus in my living room.