Jun 29, 2014


Still waiting for the summer to return, or arrive since it never really came. It's way too cold for this time of year but I think this week people will start to clear out of the city, out to their summer houses and leave for their overseas trips. It's sometimes nice to work the summer in the city when it's quieter and more relaxed. If it doesn't get any warmer, and it has to, at least there's Santorini to look forward to. Just three weeks until summer vacation...

Charlotte Rampling
Natalie Portman by Bruce Weber 2007

Jun 24, 2014


Right now I'm dreaming about all the summer sales and wishing I could splash some serious cash. It's true what they say you know, too many shoes, too little time. A perfectly reasonable statement, especially for someone like me who still thinks about last years missed items. 

Jun 19, 2014


It's Midsommarafton tomorrow and we'll be making sommar tÃ¥rta with raspberries and cream, in a kitchen surrounded by flowers. It's my kind of holiday. 

Porter Magazine

Jun 8, 2014


Give me a garden party any day. We sort of had one Friday night, but the garden was more like a mass of potted flowers and herbs on our balcony. You can really feel now that the summer holidays are approaching, people are winding down or are maybe in need of it - I sure am. I love the mixing of prints and colours, things you wouldn't expect to work somehow do. Wouldn't these bejewelled sandals look amazing on Santorini? (in July!) Too bad they won't be out until next year. 

Stella McCartney resort 2015

Jun 3, 2014


It was my birthday today. Bought lilies and a throw, had dinner cooked for me and unwrapped presents and cards- it was pretty great. Got the Aurelie Bidermann gold clover ring from the boyfriend and I can feel a serious, serious addiction coming on... 

British Vogue

Jun 1, 2014


Last week it was summer, and now this week it's Swedish summer, which means eight degrees and icy wind. People have been joking that that was summer, the brief stint we got but I can tell you, I was not laughing. Lately I'm into yellow, bright yellow, perhaps because it's a colour that's associated with summer or at least the hope for it.