Apr 23, 2015


Yesterday I bought new spring plants, there was sun and 15 degrees. Not quite summer yet but I'm looking forward to it and as usual, despite my pregnant state, dreaming of bikini's no less. It's a feeling, it's a mood, it's the smell of summer. 

Giselle by Gilles Bensimon 
Bower swimwear
Polly Brown

Apr 21, 2015


The house smells of gardenia and fresh laundry. Thinking of the beach and jewel tones. Waiting for baby--everything will be fine.

Lee Ulfan, From Line 1978
Helmut Newton, 1971

Apr 18, 2015



I love Jane and I love her necklaces.


Apr 7, 2015


Sitting here, heavily pregnant and largely couch-bound wishing there was a little more glamour in my day. Would love to get out of town and see something new but I'd settle for a few books and maybe some Aurelie Bidermann

Jerry Hall by Helmut Newton 1970's
John Baldessari