Jul 19, 2017


Momentum slows as everything stands still. Enduring, sitting, waiting- paralysed by the load. Wishing it were all clear, as clear as diamonds underwater. Plans interrupted and thoughts redirected. Air is elusive, total freedom not possible, but there is a freedom in no control. Let go, breathe it in and watch the sparkle fade. Just when you think you know where you're going you suddenly don't. It is still possible to be surprised.

Repossi in Vogue Paris by Mario Sorrenti.

Jul 6, 2017


Holding out for that heat from the southern hemisphere. This Swedish summer is turning out to be more like spring, a little on the cold side.

Mali Koopman & Shanna Jackman by Alexandra Nataf for Unconditional Magazine.
Andrew Steiger 'Ostrich Shapes' via Tappan Collective.

Jun 24, 2017


Grounding like an earth-bound weight, the bell swings and the lace falls. It frays and I feel what you feel in that moment. Things slow, they become clearer with the heaviness of your joints, moving through space swinging and hinged, both free and attached. They move you and you move them. The air gives some resistance, it holds energy- thick and hot. Light above ground, the desert is calling. The sea spray is a mist- a storm is coming. In the shadow of the cloud, I care little for what is real and only for what could be.

Anna Ewers by Ryan McGinley for Stern Mode Magazine

Apr 22, 2017


Ruffles and red. Spring snow storms. It's a modern classic. Exclusionary- not for you it's for me. Foolish thinking. Raw edges. The moment is heavy but the future is light. Blow in and blow out. 

Unconditional magazine, Shanna Jackway by Alexandra Nataf.